Envision, plan, act, and do great things

Create, collaborate, communicate, and monitor
your strategic plan with Envision Plan & Act

Why is Strategic Planning Important?

A vision without a plan is just a dream.
A plan without a vision is just drudgery.
A vision and plan without action is just a disappointment.
But a vision with a plan put into action can change the world.

Strategic Plan Approach





Internal Strengths
Internal Weakness
External Opportunities
External Threats


Next Steps
Communication Plan
Monitoring Plan


Success Factors
Action Plans

So, how does it work?

Envision Plan & Act is a simple web-based guided strategic planning service. You sign up, log in, and use the product over the web through your web browser. We will guide you through the process of creating, tracking and putting into action your strategic plan. You will make strategic plans to create your desired future. There's no software to download and nothing to install - we take care of everything for you on the web. Simple. Take a quick tour to check it out (coming soon).

What can I do with ENVISION PLAN & ACT?

Envision your future Assess your current situation Identify your goals and objections to achieve your desired future Determine the success factors, barriers and strategies for your goals and objectives Build action plans for your goals and objectives Monitor the progress of your strategic plan Make the strategic plan dynamic by reviewing quarterly and extending annually Create strategic plans Keep your strategic plans online Collaborate with others on your strategic plans Keep track of the progress for your strategic plans Communicate your strategic plans with others Learn about strategic planning Create, modify and report on your actions plans and more...

who can use envision plan & act?

Anyone who is making plans for the future. An organizations or individuals who are looking out to where they want to go in the next few years. The process works for business, nonprofits, governmental agencies, and individuals who are planning for the future.

Sharing your plans

One of the great things about Envision Plan & Act is that you can share your plan with other collaborators. Just click the "Sharing" button on any Envision Plan & Act page, enter someone's email address, and then they can view the plan too. It's a great, simple way to collaborate with team members and colleagues.

Simple is the name of our game

Most software is full of promises, but its usefulness is often marred by complexity. Envision Plan & Act is all about simplicity. Nothing more, nothing less. It's just what you need when you need it. Envision Plan & Act executes on the basics beautifully and then gets out of your way. Envision Plan & Act proves that software doesn't have to be hard to use. We hope you'll love it.

Coming Soon

The wait will not be much longer.

Envision Plan & Act